Benches of Louth: an index and an introduction

As the site interface (the blog's hosted by some folks called Postagon, who do good minimal web-work) is light on direction, here's an index of the blog posts in order. Hopefully it's of some use! If you've not been here before, start with this first post, as that sets out what Benches of Louth is/was all about; from there, please wander as you may.

Here's the map of places visited.

I'll put up another post towards the end of this week (w/e 15 August) that'll wrap things up a little more, and that'll be that.

Edit 14/8/15: that wrap-up post's now online here.

A parting question, though. I'm minded to revisit this in another medium; a book, perhaps. I'd expand on the blog posts, connect a few more of the dots, take some better pictures, and add some further contextual elements. I haven't counted, but I'd reckon the blog's up to around 35000 words; the book I've got in mind would come up to about 55,000 words, plus images. A slim volume, but book-size nevertheless.

Comments (nay, yay or meh) appreciated!

Here's me interviewed on local station Estuary TV about Benches. The interview kicks in at about the 3 minutes 30 seconds mark, and was originally broadcast on Monday 7th Sept 2015.

Finally, here are the posts in sequence. Thanks for reading.

Bench Zero: Newmarket

Bench 1: Newmarket

Bench 2: corner of Aswell Street and Kidgate

Bench 3: corner of Kidgate and Aswell Street (bench now gone)

Bench 4: corner of Church Street and St Michael's Road

Bench 5: corner of Kidgate and Upgate

Bench 6: London Road

Benches 7 & 8: The Gatherums

Bench 9: Victoria Road

Bench 10: Little Lane

Bench 11: Ramsgate

Bench 12: Railway Walk (plus two ghost benches)

Bench 13: Stewton Lane

Bench 14: Wood Lane

Bench 15: Riverhead / Ticklepenny Walk

Bench 16: Horncastle Road (plus a ghost bench)

Bench 17: Louth library, off Northgate

Benches 18 & 19: Edward Street

Bench 20: Victoria Road (Beaumont Hotel)

Benches 21 - 27: Charles Street Recreation Ground

Bench 28: corner of Maple Close and Victoria Road

Bench 29: Church Street (Salvation Army)

Benches 30 & 31: Crowtree Lane

Ghost benches: St Bernard's Avenue

Benches 32 & 33: off Northgate (Co-op car park)

Benches 34 & 35: corner of Eve Street and Northgate

Bench 36: Nichol Hill

Benches 37 & 38: Springside

Benches 39 - 41: Monks' Dyke Head

Bench 42: Keddington Road

Bench 43: Newmarket

Benches 44 - 46: Charles Street

Bench 47: Grimsby Road

Bench 48: junction of Grimsby Road and High Holme Road

Benches 49 & 50: junction of Broadbank and High Holme Road

Benches 51 & 52: junction of Ramsgate and Eastgate

Bench 53: Kenwick Road

Bench 54: junction of Kenwick Road and Legbourne Road

Bench 55: junction of Kenwick Road, Newmarket, and Stewton Lane

Bench 56: Church Street

Bench 57: Linden Walk

Benches 58 - 61: Enginegate Walk

Bench 62: junction of Grimsby Road and St Mary's Lane

Benches 63 & 64: Riverhead

Benches 65 - 68: St James' Church

Bench 69: Cornmarket

Benches 70 - 73: Market Place

Benches 74 - 76: Bridge Street

Benches 77 & 78: Eastfield Road

Benches 79 & 80: St Mary's Lane

Benches 81 - 83: the Old Cemetery

Bench 84: High Holme Road

Benches 85 - 97: St James' Church

Benches 98 - 117: Spout Yard

Benches 118 - 122: Hubbard's Hills - top path

Benches 123 - 142: Hubbard's Hills

Benches 143 - 152: Westgate Fields

Bench 153: Watts Lane Playing Field

Benches 154 - 157: Keddington Road Playing Fields (plus a ghost bench)

Benches 158 & 159: Town Lock (Thames Street side)

Benches 160 - 176: Louth Cemetery

Bench 177 (and 0): Welbeck Way

Eamonn Griffin

Field notes for a personal geography of a Lincolnshire market town. You can find me here on Twitter: @eamonngriffin and also here:

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I would definitely buy this in book form. I say go for it.
2015-08-11, Mike Fowler

Ta for the thumbs-up!
2015-08-11, Eamonn Griffin

Me too.
2015-08-11, Craig Robinson

Definitely. Would make great Xmas gifts for my far flung family who aren't lucky enough to have been able to visit but are curious about my new home.
2015-08-11, Alison

Why don't you try crowdfunding the idea? get financial pledges before you print.
2015-08-11, James Pocklington

Yep, crowdsourcing's an idea. It's definitely an option!
2015-08-12, Eamonn Griffin

Would def buy a copy if you go for it. Your work deserves to be in a form that can be revisited at leisure, then inhabit a shelf :)
2015-08-12, Catherine street

Happy to help fill a shelf...!
2015-08-13, Eamonn Griffin

I would certainly buy the book. Did you ever write it?
2018-02-10, Jo Clemmey

The book is on the back burner a little, as I'm still working out how to best present it. however, as it's essentially written, then putting it together wouldn't be that much work. Just need to think how it'd look on paper ...
2018-02-10, Eamonn Griffin

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